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Pelion is a paradise of flavors! The local traditional gastronomy is known inside and outside the country.

The traditional cuisine of Pelion includes within the traditional flavors of food, sweets and drinks. A culinary heritage that travels in time to enchant every visitor with the variety and quality! Pelion maintains until today the flavors and scents. Pelion bean soup is a winter must-try food coming in Pelion. The traditional spentzofai, one of the genuine Pelion foods. It’s served during the winter, because it is one of the most spicy foods. The Pelion Bubari is another flavor taste, a food with a long history that testing brings to mind many combinations.

The traditional riganokeftedes is probably the most famous food that combines with wine. Kritama are one of many kinds of plants that can be found in the rocks of East Pelion, mainly by the sea. They gather in the summer months, visitors can taste them in different ways. The seafood variety are still a food that should not fail to try the tourist leaving Pelion. Octopus, squid, sardines, herring, salads, shrimp, molluscs etc.